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Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses is privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

After you register, log in to your account, click on the Join a Level tab, and select the level you would like to join. Follow the steps to complete your transaction.

The MLS membership provides educational material on various subjects, including but not limited to: bitcoin, Extreme Credit, Creating & Managing your LLC, Extreme Business Credit, Creating & Managing your Solo 401(k), ALOCs (HELOCs, PLOCs),Trading in Stocks, etc... along with personal and professional development.

The MLS Bitcoin Club is a Private Membership to our Community, not an MLM company. We do not sell products or services. We do invest your time and energy to the club to learn the principles of financial literacy. Our club is designed to give you the tools to generate financial well being. We our system, you'll learn skills and the proper use of Money & Crypto. We do offer a Trading Academy that will teach you how to trade as a professional. We do not recommend any stocks but we do teach you how to evaluate stocks, options, Currency pairs, indices, commodities & Crypto-currencies. No member in the club can give you any financial advice, but we do demonstrate what Mr Perkinson is doing in his personnal accounts as a training tool.

We are simply receiving a Financial Reward in Bitcoin. We are simply joining the membership within the MLS Bitcoin Club. The membership fee is rotator amongst it's members. So when we are describing or presentiting this information, use the words below:

Membership, Membership Fee, Financial Reward, bitcoin

The MLS Bitcoin Club does not hold any funds, the payments that come in are push out to the members. There is no request for a Withdraw since we do not hold any funds. Each member is joining the Club to get the education that we provide on that level. The club is sharing the Membership fee with you. All bitcoin is sent directly to the members personal bitcoin wallet.

The reason that we have a "No Refund Policy" as stated in the Disclaimer, because we have no funds. The membership is being sent out to the approiate parties that are sharing the Membership Fee. We encourage every member to invite as many people as they wish and they share in the Membership fee. However, before sending any funds, you have a Free 7 Day Look which we encourage you to use it.

The payment stays in the system for 90 days awaiting for you to set up your Bitcoin Wallet. If you fail to setup a Crypto Wallet for 90 days, you forfeit payment. There is no execuse for this. We have a video that will asssit you in setting up your bitcoin wallet in Step 1.

Yes, you are allowed to join multiple levels but you must purchase the 0.0167 (Starter Level) and then you can upgrade to higher levels. Once you join the Starter level you may join any or all levels as you choose.

We found that it moves a lot faster if you only use one account. Upgrade to the higher levels and build the system as taught. (L3 n 30 = 1) Get to L3 in 30 days to receive one Bitcoin per month or per week.

The Sweet Spot is 1.0 (L5). Why, because you are tripling 1 full bitcoin with one full cycle. Then you can upgrade to 2.0 (L6) which will produce twice as much bitcoin when you cycle. Keep in mind you are now in position to receive bitcoin from multiple levels at the same time.

The answer is no. One main reason is so a hacker can not change your email and redirect to a new address without the Admin changing it for you. This is an added security layer.

- Just submit a Support Ticket on your left and the Admin will correct it for you.

- We encourage you to review your profile several times a month to ensure that nothing changes.

You can not change your Bitcoin Wallet Address. You must submit a "Support Ticket" and provide the proper address and the Admin will make all changes for you.

You should verify your bitcoin wallet address by sending yourself a "test amount" before you start receiving from the community.

We recommned a Qualified Bitcoin Wallet's but you can use any Bitcoin Wallet as you see fit. We did share a few below but you are not restricted to them. Send a $1 worth of bitcoin to the address of your choice to ensure that it can receive.

1 - - (which is (hot) web based) our 3rd party system

2 - - (which is (warm) non web based) Phone or Phone walle

3 - - (which is the best(cold). This is a Cold Storage Device) which provides the safest place to store your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

A replacement card can be ordered immediately and should arrive within 10 days or less if not.. contact card center below
(855) 884-7568

Normally, we can complete a ticket within a few hours, however, it can take up to 48 hours.


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